Fun with Cells

In case you’ve all been wondering where I’ve been all these months, I’ve been testing, training, and learning new techniques so that I can be armed to the teeth with the skills I need for future research in graduate school.  Through February and March, I finished my last quarter of classes at my undergraduate institution and entered training for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine program.  After a week of stem cell boot camp, I was sent to my assigned lab and immediately put to work.  After an adjustment period where I learned not only different cell culture techniques for both embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells, how to electrospin nanofibrous scaffolds, and proper operation of a scanning electron microscope; I began to conduct the experiments required for my project.  Currently, I’m observing gene expression patterns in cell colonies after differentiating induced pluripotent cells into either mesendodermal or ectodermal lineages.  The study is ongoing, but I’m already beginning to see some positive fruits of my labors.  Wish me luck!

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