City of Hope has released a new publication detailing two small molecules that could be used to suppress growth in drug-resistant tumors. These molecules are part of the fat mass and obesity-associated protein, FTO. Bisantrene (CS1) and brequinar (CS2) are cancer inhibitors at least 10 times more effective at killing acute myeloid leukemia cells than several other compounds tested. Other cancers that CS1 and CS2 may be effective against are glioblastoma, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer due to the cancers’ high concentrations of FTO. The two compounds inhibit FTO so that the tumor cells can no longer express genes like LILRB4, which are immune checkpoint genes. This reduces their ability to “hide” from the immune system. Inhibiting FTO also sensitizes leukemia cells to T-Cell cytotoxicity. So, combining treatment of patients with these FTO inhibitors with other therapies may improve patient outcomes. Due to CS1 and CS2 being tested in multiple clinical trials in the past, there’s a good chance that they can be fast-tracked into the next stage of testing! Onward to improving effectiveness and minimizing side effects! Here’s the article in case anyone is interested:

Crushing the Resistance

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