Hello, everyone!  I’m starting up a new stem cell blog to keep track of things during this difficult time and to talk about the various aspects of my journey towards becoming a researcher.  I’ve managed to finish my master’s degree and have begun to look for potential employment opportunities while preparing to apply for a doctoral program.  Unfortunately, since the pandemic struck, things have become considerably more challenging for not only myself, but for most of the population as well.  However, I will not use this as an excuse to sit back.  While this has been going on, I’ve attended a virtual job fair and been looking through various sites for a remote position.  My preferences lean more towards scientific writing, data analysis, and/or an instructional position.  In order to bolster my qualifications, I have taken the liberty of learning the basics of R.  We’ll see how it goes.  Stay safe and healthy out there!

Safer at Home

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